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  Alamogordo, NM  

After 6 years, we finally located our new home.  It needs remodeling to suit our special needs.  Hopefully we will be abled to pack and get moved in within a year.

ph alamogordo home front 20081130.png  ph alamogordo home front looking se 20081130.png

                               Front                                                           View to the Southeast

  ph 509 sunrise view to the east 200812xx.jpg       ph 509 sunrise view to east 2 200812xx.jpg

                    View to the East                        Another view across the street to the east

ph 509 sunrise view to north 200812xx.jpg

           View to the north

ph alamogordo home lr1 20081130.png  ph alamogordo home lr to kitchen1 200811301.png

                       Living Room                                               Living Room to Kitchen

ph alamogordo home view from office 20081130.png  ph alamogordo home kitchen 20081130.png

                    View from Office                                                Kitchen

ph alamogordo home dining area to garage 20081130.png   ph alamogordo home rear 20081130.png

                 Eat in Kitchen to garage                                                Rear

ph bryan and kagens elk hunt 20091021.png <My friends Bryan and Kagen with elk they bagged.

                       Professionals in Alamogordo:

I personally recommend the following professionals:  (Not listed in any order of prefference)


Geraco Electric Gerald Gruenwald Cell: 575-491-5517 Fax: 575-585-3145

Handyman, Repairs, & Master Carpenter:

Bryan Boyden., PO Box 137, Alamogordo, NM 88311-0137 Ph: 575-430-5659E: boydenbryan@yahoo.com


Paul Swinford. 1804 N. Florida Ave., Alamogordo, NM 88310 Cell: 575-491-7106


The following Realtors (listed alphabeticlly) assisted me in locating my home (I am very picky):

Dorothy Auld: 575-443-4242

Dawn King: 575-491-4031

Sharon Morse: 575-430-1713

Bill Schimmer: 575-430-1366

Billy Tucker: 575-430-0407

Gas Stations:

Lowest Gas Prices in Alamogordo
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