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 I first moved to Albuquerque with my parents in 1956, growing up there, and moving back on an intermittant basis.  Robin and I lived there from 1992 to 1994 when the AT&T office closed.  It is my hope to return despite the fact that Albuquerque home prices and property taxes have gone from reasonable to outrageous in a short time.  If this is not possible, I am looking for a home elsewhere in New Mexico.

Robin and I really enjoyed Albuquerque with weekly dining out at La Placita Mexican Restraunt in Old Town or Bella Vista (now out of business) in Sandia Park on the road to Sandia Crest.  Bella Vista feaured fine dining at moderate prices.  Robin usually ordered the trout.  She was really annoyed that they never cut the head off the trout..  After the trout is cooked, it is possible to lift out the entire skelton from head to tail.  One night Robin put the whole trout skelton into our water pitcher before we left.  What she didn't notice that if there was water in a pitcher, the wait-staff would place it onto another table.  I could imagine the reaction of the next guest when he/she poured their water and the fish bones plopped out!  Robin wondered why we received very slow service the next time.  (After all, we were frequent customers!)

ROUTE 66: ph route 66 20100524.jpg

I remember when 66 was a 2 lane highway and seeing the lights of Albuquerque both from Tijeras Canyon to the east of town and 20 mile hill from the west. Really enjoyable!

I also remember when people actually went downtown Albuquerque to shop. That was before Winrock Center opened. 

Albuquerque was featured in a Route 66 story on NBC's Today Show. Check out the clip

ph 5205 sweetwater 199404.jpg         ph robin kissing butch abq.jpg

          Our home from MLS listing in 1994                                                    Robin & Butch kissing 

                               whiteman st 1994 redone.jpg

The 3 Whitemans (Andy, Robin, & Butch) on Whiteman Drive  in Albuquerque, NM

ph shag.png <Shag was a shaggy dog when I was a kid.  He was given to us by a cousin Jack D. Whiteman when they moved.

1 hhs hornet.jpg  <Highland High School class of  '67

0 abq helecopter runs red light.png < APD officer Tim Booth, with the help of a professional photographer and a computer, created a photo of a superimposed helicopter running a red light. The photo was displayed in Police Chief Ray Schultz's office.  

Please click here for locations of red light photocams in Albuquerque, NM and an explanation of portable speed photo cams.  Please click  blow to order PhotoBlocker:

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 Albuquerque & Santa Fe (5th Edition)  

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We enjoyed the first part of the Enchanted Circle.

Albuquerque Remembered      Hispanic Albuquerque 1706-1846     

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The town of Mounrainair is about an hour from Albuquerque.  When I was a kid, we enjoyed trips to the Mountains.  We used to get a permit for Christmas Tree cutting.  I don't know if this is still allowed or not.

Beautiful views of Manzano Mountains and Cibola National Forest from Mountainair, NM

Homes, ranches, commercial property, and vacant land in the beautiful mountians in and around Mountainair, NM are offered by Dennis Fulfer, Realtor.  Avoid the rat race. 

Mountainair is located 10 miles from the geographic center of New Mexico.From Mountainair, you can reach many of the destination locations of New Mexico within a few hours. Santa Fe is only 2 hours drive to the north. Ruidoso is only 2 hours to the south. Albuquerque is only a 1 hour scenic drive away.

At an altitude of 6495 feet, the climate consists of cool summer nights and Indian Summer days. Winter snows are mild and are lasting only in the mountain areas

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