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Alleged Pit Bull ordered Executed by insurance company

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If you have been thinking that breed
discrimination is not your problem,
wake up and smell the illegal dog lying
on your living room couch! In my state
of California, I have personally witnessed
the pain of breed discrimination first hand
compliments of Mercury Insurance Company.

For a heavy dose of reality, read what happened
to Tanner:


FYI: insurance carriers are regulated by the state insurance commissioner* ó so restrictions can vary according to which state you live in. In California, there are only two insurance companies dog owners will want to do business with: Farmers and State Farm. More than 20 other large insurance carriers (interviewed by a top agent of Roverlution.org) had breed restrictive language in their contracts. Even if you own a poodle, please send your business to insurance companies that do not discriminate against dog owners.

* Contact and write to the Insurance Commissioner in your state telling them you are against breed restrictions and find out which state representatives support your views. They can introduce legislation to prohibit insurance discrimination. If legislation is pending you can encourage your state representatives to support it!


California residents: Dori Einhorn, Einhorn Insurance, 858-336-4644, will make a donation to PBRC with each policy she writes for one of our supporters.  Let her know that we referred you to her!  Please note that PBRC cannot endorse any particular agentís rates or policies, so be sure to do your research on the best agent for your insurance needs. www.EinhornInsurance.com

Be sure to contact both a local agent and the main company directly.  Sometimes local agents will set certain restrictions even if they are not required by the head office. Check with an insurance agent who deals with various companies.  Perhaps the agent can locate someone that does not have breed restrictions. Call the state's Insurance Commission for referrals to companies without restrictions.  Covers entire state of California and possibly other states.

Count on Dog-Breath because your dog counts
on you!

Dr. Paula Terifaj is the commanding voice of
Dog-Breath -- an outspoken commentary of ideas,
healthy insights, and occasional rants that
will bust your dogma!

PS: Please forward this email and invite
other dog lovers to sign-up for important
Dog-Breath updates at:


Bulldog Press
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Brea, CA

Spend No Dollars in Denver, Colorado

Mayor John Hickenlooper

Sign petition to boycott Denver, Colorado because of BSL:

In honor of Forrest and all dogs in Denver facing breed extermination, We the undersigned make Denver this promise: We will keep our dollars out of Denver until the repeal of your breed ban ordinance [sec 8-55 Municipal Code].

As a misguided public safety measure, Denver's breed ban mandates the confiscation and killing of any dog fitting the description of a "pit bull" or a mixed breed dog having the physical characteristics of a "pit bull."  Since May 2005, Denver has ordered and carried out the killing of more than 1,700 dogs merely because they were, or looked like, a "pit bull."

Even friendly, non-aggressive family dogs, like Forrest, belonging to the McGahey family, do not escape Denver's death warrant. When Denver Animal Control picked up Forrest, a lost dog from Adams County (borders Denver city limits) in July 2008, Chris McGahey was forced to hire an attorney to keep Denver from killing his dog. Forrest was incarcerated at the shelter for two months while Chris and his attorney Karen Breslin did everything possible to secure the release of Forrest. Pleading for Forrest's return, Chris promised to move to Ft Collins (57 miles north of Denver), pay any fines, and never again visit the city of Denver.

Not good enough for Denver.

After a loud public outcry barraged city officials with letters and phone calls, Forrest was kicked out of Colorado and surrendered to a rescue organization in St Louis, MO. Denver ordered that Forrest NOT be adopted back to his real family (Stray Dog Rescue, MO confirmed this and must now put Forrest up for adoption).  Not only has Denver punished Chris by shipping his beloved dog out of state, Chris is now facing criminal charges against him for violating the breed ban ordinance - punishable by a $5,000 fine and possible jail time. Unbelievable!

Dear City Council members,

You have terrorized dog owners living in Denver and traveling through your fine city long enough. Until you repeal your breed ban and replace it with responsible legislation that will rightly punish irresponsible dog owners in possession of dangerous dogs - regardless of breed - you can look forward to a drop in tourism and fewer home buyers.  We expect you will respond to complaints from the travel industry and Denver business owners since you have ignored the voices of outraged dog owners and numerous animal welfare organizations who have spoken out against breed bans and other breed discriminatory laws.

Never in Denver Boycott: Freedom loving Americans together with our fellow global allies have promised not to spend a single dollar in Denver. No vacations. No homes. No Shopping. Can you hear that Denver?

Join an aggressive, grassroots movement to stop the establishment of breed restrictive policies that are taking over our country at http://www.roverlution.org/.

Be a proud dog owner of any breed!  Please click on paw> paw_button.cmp

Abopt a shelter animal: President-elect Obama did!  See a video about their new dog!

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Please cross post this link by the Animal Law Coalition -  website of Laura Allen, an animal-law attorney.  Another great ally in the fight against BSL


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Take my loyalty... Mousepad

Take my loyalty... Mousepad

Take my loyalty, love and affection. NOT my life. (at bottom) Breed specific legislation is wrong. It punishes innocent dogs and the families who love them. It doesn't save lives - it destroys them



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