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  ^^^^^Protect your self from the Denver speed photo vans and red light cameras^^^^^

Robin and I moved to the Denver area in 1997 to get away from the Kansas City, State of Misery; and also so Robin could be near her parents.

ph 1718 s flanders 20060531.jpg  <Our miniature house in Aurora, CO from a 2006 MLS listing.  (Home is currently for sale at a price I never would pay for a miniature house.  Since we moved, the planter box for miniature roses (under the front window) and the window air conditioner have been removed.

ph robin w-vw 0697.jpg 

^Robin and her VW with horseless carriage plate: Never would have mad it through the blizzard!  Heater and defrost were totally useless!

Please click here for Blizzard of 1997.

                                               ph hank_050300.jpg

  Reasons not to have a wood fence: They rot and fall down!    Hank & delapidated fence May 2000

  ph robin feeding geese 062197.jpg              ph robin platte riv 0697.jpg

    Robin feeding geese Cherry Creek Dam 6/21/97       Robin  on bridge over Platte River after Mexican dinner at Tortilla Flat, Littleton, CO  

ph louviers blvd 0183.jpg    Winter Scene: Louviers Blvd., Louviers, CO January 1983

ph louviers co village club.png    ph louviers co church.png

   Louviers Village Club                         Louviers Church

ph louviers co po.png    eva woolley louviers postmaster from 1957 to 1982.png 

                                                                                ^Eva G. Woolley, Postmaster of Louviers, CO from 1957-1982

For Sale:


Rocky Mountain National Park Postcards

Rocky Mountain National Park Postcards

"Established in 1915 but with a rich history stretching back even further, Rocky Mountain National Park is often called the crown jewel of the national park system. In this collection of vintage photograph postcards, many taken by early park rangers and naturalists, Phyllis J. Perry explores the park's past. Includes 15 historic postcards."





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 0 ab colorado scenic playing cards.jpg <Colorado Scenic playing cards  


Annie's Song

Annie's Song

Annie's Song (one of Robin's favorites)

john denver,Back Home Again

Back Home Again

Back Home Again

  Best Of John Denver   

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 Range Day Hikes   12 Short Hikes in the Denver Foothills South  Birds of Denver   Klondike and Snow: The Denver Zoo's
 Remarkable Story of Raising Two Polar Bear Cubs 


 Denver, CO Regional Atlas  Rand McNally Denver, Colorado Street Map 

 Buy and download street maps of the Denver, Colorado area. Intended for the real estate professional or map enthusiast.  

 Rand McNally Downloadable Map: Denver, CO  

 Rand McNally Folded Map: Denver   Rand McNally fabMAP: Denver 16th Street Mall   Rand McNally Folded Map: Denver, Front Range & Vicinity     

 Rand McNally Folded Map: Colorado Springs   Rand McNally Folded Map: Colorado   Rand McNally Street Guide: Colorado Springs & Pueblo (3rd Edition)  

 Rand McNally Downloadable Map: Colorado Springs, CO   Rand McNally 2008 Thomas Guides  

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