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  Hank Dogg aka Sweetheart  

You may wonder why Hank Dogg, an Australian Cattle dog, has his own page and the other dogs don't?  The answer is I just happen to have more of his photos saved to my hard drive.  When I get time to hunt up photos of the other dogs and scan them, they will get their own pages.

Hank was a self trained service dog and would give me 6 hours notice if I was going to have trouble with my head injury by staying close to me and having a worried look.  He would also notify me of low medication levels or dehydration by waking me.  I, in turn, was his service person fetching water to him if he didn't feel like going to get it and puting blankets on him when he was cold.  Butch used to have his own electric blanket but Hank didn't like an electric blanket.

ph hank in bed 200101.jpg  ph christmas dog 2001.jpg ph hank cold200311091.jpg

               Like a person                                                  12/2001 Christmas time after his bath                  We were trapped in the State of Misery thanks to AT&T

   ph hank patriotic dog 022202.jpg       America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest - help your animal shelter win $10,000 - vote today!,mariah's promise,Peanuts Place Bully Rescue                       

With his patriotic bandana after a bath 2/2002   

When Hank Dogg's previous owner left him, I asked how Hank got his name?  Morgan said that a dog's name should be one sylable and Hank was named after Hank the Cowdog by John R. Erickson and Gerald L. Holmes.  Three volumes are below.  Please click on any one to find other volumes:

                                                                       Hank the Cowdog

 The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog / the Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog 

          0 hank the cattle dog 1.jpg    0 hank the cattle dog 2.jpg  0 hank the cowdog 3.jpg    0 hank the cowdog #4 murder in the middle pasture.jpg   0 hank the cowdog faded love #5.jpg  0 hank the cow dog #6 let sleeping dogs lie.jpg  0 hank the cowdog #7 the curse of the incredible priceless corncob.jpg  0 hank the cowdog #8 the case of the one-eyed killer stud horse.jpg  0 hank the cowdog #9.jpg

 Lost in the Dark Enchanted Forest #11 (Hank the Cowdog)  

 The Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve #13 (Hank the Cowdog) 

 The Case of the Measled Cowboy #33 (Hank the Cowdog) 

 The Case of the Booby-Trapped Pickup #49 (Hank the Cowdog) 

The Kitty Cheater (Hank the Cowdog) 

 The Watermelon Patch Mystery (Hank the Cowdog)   

  The Case of the Monkey Burglar (Hank the Cowdog)  

 Hank the Cowdog's Greatest Hits (Hank the Cowdog) 

 The Case of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper (Hank the Cowdog) 

 The Case of the Tricky Trap (Hank the Cowdog)                                                            

0 bsl.jpg We oppose Breed Specific Legislation as racial discrimination.  The problem is the owner, not the breed of the dog!

Abopt a shelter animal: President-elect Obama did!  See a video about their new dog!

    ph hank on fetch 20060726.png < Hank Dogg's thoughts on fetch, "If you are dumb enough to throw it, fetch it yourself!"





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