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  Pit Bulls and BSL  

Pit Bull saves family from fire-rescues baby!  


Chihuahua Mix Attacked By Coyote, Saved By Pit Bulls

 Huffington Post Removes Pit Bulls From List of Dangerous Pets

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1 pit bulls victims of bsl.png<A vigil for victims of BSL 4PM-7PM 24 July 2010 Richmond Ter. City of Westminister,London,SW1A


1 pit bull cost of confinement.png  So why are governments wasting all of this money on BSL?

Vet Warns Dog Owners: STAY OUT OF DENVER

 Pit Bull Heroes video 

Think YOU KNOW Pit Bulls? DaziDog

Pit Bull Videos< Denver Kills Dogs   

 Canine profiling is the same as racial profiling and MUST be stopped

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Nationwide petition to Congress that says, "We the people of the United States hereby petition Congress to cause to have drafted, and to enact a Bill for federal legislation, that when enacted will protect ownership property rights, and legal use rights in domestic animals, and ensure that no city, county, or State authority shall prohibit, or restrict the peoples ownership rights, or legal use rights in domestic animals by specific breed, or by species. Animals are humankinds most ancient, and traditional property. The animal industry is the cornerstone of the economy of the United States, and must be preserved. It is not the intent of the petitioners to restrict any local authority in addressing the zoning for, or of the keeping of animals."

Wouldn't that be a dream come true instead of having to fight city by city.
  The petition to U.S. Congress;

For news and updates on BSL  Click here: Fighting Breed Specific Legislation

Heroic Pit Bull Up for National Valor Award   ph pit bull d boy 20090524.png 

                                      ^D-boy saved his family from intruders last December.^

What happened to Michael Vick's Pit Bulls?

Good news! Many of them were socialized and adopted into homes as family dogs:

Jhumpa Jones

Lucas the magnificent

The resiliency of dogs

Great article in the December 29, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated by Jim Gorant entitled "What Happened to Michael Vick's Dogs . . ." Check it out http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/magazine/12/22/vick.dogs/index.html. 

                      Fight BSL in Denver. Please sign the petition to boycott Denver

I signed the petition "Spend No Dollars in Denver, Colorado". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.

Never in Denver Boycott: Freedom loving Americans together with our fellow global allies have promised not to spend a single dollar in Denver. No vacations. No homes. No Shopping. Can you hear that Denver?
In honor of Forrest and all dogs in Denver facing breed extermination, We the undersigned make Denver this promise: We will keep our dollars out of Denver until the repeal of your breed ban ordinance [sec 8-55 Municipal Code].  Please click paw to sign: paw_button.cmp
In short--Denver has earned the right to be called the Dog Nazi City of America.  I have been informed that the Martinez family had been managing not to answer the door for several days when animal control officers made attempts to call on them--thanks to one of their neighbors who had reported an "illegal" dog.  A few days later they were awakened at 3 am when the police showed up! Yep, if you harbor illegal stuff (drugs, weapons, and now your dog!) you are inviting search and seizure--Hello Mr policeman. 
   Please see new website:   Denver Kills Dogs 
Watch the video about Gema, Kane and this petition.
We are boldly moving forward and will renew our contract for the kiosk's- although we are still short on donations - SUPPORTERS ARE COPIED AND ASKED TO GET THE WORD OUT TO HELP US TO REACH GOAL: http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/denver-breed-ban-dog-breed-discrimination-bsl-colorado
It's unbelievable and should scare the pants off any American--dog lover or not!
Never in Denver Boycott: Freedom loving Americans together with our fellow global allies have promised not to spend a single dollar in Denver. No vacations. No homes. No Shopping. Can you hear that Denver?

From the petition:

Sep 4, 2008, Andy Whiteman, Missouri
The racist, Nazi style government of the City and County of Denver is practicing a genocide Holocaust upon dogs! I previously lived in Louviers and Aurora and was going to move back; however to due to your (as well as other cities in your metro) practice of racism, I am unable to relocate anywhere in your metro area. I urge ALL businesses and individuals NOT to relocate into your area until this racism ends. When I travel I am unable to pass through your area with my dog and will warn others to stay away!
Sep 4, 2008, Judith Swanson, WashingtonMy family has a reunion annually in Denver. Due to the possibility that "one of us might have the physical characteristics of a Pit Bull" we have not ony canceled our reunion but our Christmas plans as well. Until this city stops promoting the killing of innocent dogs and BSL......we'll find a more welcoming city in which to celebrate with all of our family, including our Pit Bulls!!! 
#1012 Sep 7, 2008, Rachael Nunez, Arizona :
My boss and family - that does include me and 38 other people - were going to rent 2 condos and ski for the week of Christmas and New Year. Guess what? I just learned I cannot bring my dogs! So now we are all going to Utah instead. Sorry Denver-- your BSL is just stupid! I have 2 "pits" and I will do everything in my power to make sure every person I know will NOT go back to Denver until you come to your senses and lift your breed ban! I live in AZ and fly to Kansas at least 6 times a year. Just so happens that my flights usually connect in Denver and have a lay over-- not anymore! I won't even set foot in your airport. That might seem trivial to you but what happens when a 100 people do it? Then a 100 more? Seems to me you think that people that own "pits" are in the minority or that we are low income with no resources-- maybe you should think again! Remember my name Rachael Ann Nunez of Glendale, AZ you will be hearing it again. 
Sep 8, 2008, William Daugherty, California
As a traveler, and avid Snow Skier, I will not be visiting not only Denver, but the whole state of Colorado. I can't believe what I'm seeing in this normally beautiful state. I will, along with our Orange County Ski Organization, by-pass the state, and travel on to Utah where the snow is just as fine! And, I will feel better about not putting any money in the pockets of an ignorant Denver.
#1,503 7:46 am PDT, Sep 9, Sharon Trowbridge, Colorado
I myself have retail store in Northwest Denver and I am signing this petition! This is how strongly I feel about the above ban. Please reconsider this horrible law, so Denver can become a dog friendly city once again. Even if it means giving up much needed income at this point, I will support this ban! Thanks! Sharon Trowbridge Business owner (Denver) 
Sep 10, 2008, Andrea Cook, California 
The DENVER BRONCOS have been my FootBall Team for years! I was shocked to find this info! It upsets me & I am cancelling a trip I had planned to Denver because of it! BSL is totally unfair to Pit Bulls & some other breeds as well! You, as people, have NO RIGHT to label dogs like this! It is NEVER THE DOG, but it is the person on the other end of the leash who is totally & 100% responsible! When will people wake up & see the TRUTH???! This is totally wrong & it's time for you to realize that!!!!...A. Cook
# 1,968: 2:27 pm PDT, Sep 11, Lawrence Schmidt, Delaware Our firm was looking at opening an office in the Denver area employing between 30 to 80 employees. We will now look at Utah and take Colorado off our list. We'll also inform the Mayor of Colorado Springs that we have taken there city of our list too. 
# 2,238: 11:24 pm PDT, Sep 14, Gema Martinez, Colorado:I am going through the same situation as Chris and Forrest. My dog's name is Kane and he is at the Denver Animal Shelter awaiting his fate. I also have Karen Breslin for Attorney, she is trying to save Kane's life. Doug Kelly is not returning my phone calls. This is an UNFAIR and CRUEL Law. I so much do not like Denver. I am going to sell my house and get out of this horrible city. If anybody could help me save Kane (Ao88 Kanes jail cell#) at the shelter.please call me @303-936-1020.
# 2,256: 11:14 am PDT, Sep 15, Cecille Barnes, California: i used to hear great things about your city -- the night life, the friendliness, the breweries, things any college student would be interested in to move there. i have family there, and used to consider it, but not worth risking my pitbull. you council people need to do your search.                                                                                    
                     German Shephard Club of America moves to Fort Collins, CO
8:17 am PDT, Sep 20, Dee Lauffer, Colorado
The Plum Creek Kennel Club and the Colorado Kennel Club sponsor the largest all breed dog show west of the Mississippi every year in Denver. There are approximately 2600 dogs entered. This number is down from past years. That is a lot of hotel rooms, rental cars airline flights, restaurant meals, etc. The German Shepherd Club of America had members who refused to attend a show in Colorado if it was held in Denver. That is the largest GSD show in the country and it was held in Fort Collins instead of Denver. Wonder how many other breed clubs are doing the same thing.
1:26 pm PDT, Sep 22, Janet Banks, Missouri  Your laws have no effect on bad dog ownership, but cause hardship for good citizens. You will eventually realize this, however, in the meantime, I hope that economic strife to your city will help move this point more quickly. 
8:36 am PDT, Sep 26, Roberta Jenkins, Kansas "The whole thing would be laughable except we’re talking about serious injury and death, cruelty against magnificent animals, unwarranted government intrusion on citizens’ homes and, worst of all, legislative lunacy that will actually make worse the very problem it claims to solve." Written by Frank Keegan, edtior The Baltimore Examiner. I can't say it any better.   
Sep 26, 2008, Cary Cuff, California 
I was considering moving to Denver. I won't even move to Colorado now. That is the saddest thing I have heard in awhile. My dog Gemini is half pitbull. He would never hurt anyone...its how you raise the dogs, not what they were born as. Your fear of these animals is cowardly and weak, your generalization of them is ignorant. How could you hurt citizens of your state like that? They pay your comfortable way. Shame on you.  
# 2764: Sep 30, 2008, Kay Beard, IndianaHi - I am orginially from NM and used to love visiting Denver until 2005. When the ban took place on pit bulls I had to give up Denver as a favorite vacation spot. The odd thing is I did adopt one of the exiled dogs (he'd been a family pet since he was 7 weeks old and lived with several children) and within a year of having him live with me was able to certify him with a the Delta Society as a therapy dog. That was three years ago and Diego has been working steadily since with children and adults in my mental counseling practice. I know his existance has made a substantial impact on other's lives. It would have been a shame for him to be executed by your animal control for his breed. If you're worried about public safety I encourage you to avoid the hysteria and do the actual research around dog safety. I miss your city.
# 2,868: 1:02 pm PDT, Oct 5, Janeen Hamilton, Washington 
 I am a travel consultant and have corporate and private clients who ask my suggestions when they're undecided about their vacation destinations. Be it business or pleasure, I guarantee you Denver will NEVER be suggested and if I can help it, RE-ROUTE people from your airport so you wont get 1 penny from me or my clients! Think hard as the choices you make will make you!
# 2,882: 11:02 pm PDT, Oct 5, Tara Arneson, Oregon
I have many friends in Denver and all have said they will sigh this petition and not spend any more dollars until this unfair law is repealed. It's completly unfair to say that a dog is bad just because of the breed. You are letting Bad owners off the hook and punishing the dogs. There are no Bad dogs, only bad owners. Make a law that hold Bad owners responible, punish them harshly, not just a slap on the wrist. Only then will you see no more dogs lashing out at humans. 
# 2,889: 11:22 am PDT, Oct 6, Lacie Bass, Pennsylvania
You have no right to slaughter a certain bred of dog just because you say he is dangerous. Who in the hell do you think you are ? Your not making the streets of Denver safer you idiots. your just making the problem worse. The good dog owners are the only one's getting trapped in this web of deceit perpetrated by the mayor and members of Denver's city counsel. I'll bet your real proud of yourselves. As long as Denver is permitted to kill innocent dogs, I will never step foot in your state again. Ski UTAH.   
# 2,956: 2:42 pm PDT, Oct 7, Lissa Boillot, Colorado
We will no longer be utilizing Shopping/or the many family oriented events that Denver has to offer. We are the proud owners of 2 pitbulls and travel frequently with our dogs as they are members of our family. We cannot risk going through Denver for fear our dogs will be confiscated and euthanized purely out of ignorance and uneducation on this AMAZING breed. Perhaps you should ban all Mexicans and Afro-Americans because they are the main races that break the laws? How dumb is that!!!!! 
# 2,959: 3:02 pm PDT, Oct 7, Stepahnie Smeltzer, Georgia
What you are doing is beyond wrong and unjust!!! How would you like it if there was all of a sudden a ban of anyone resembling your skin color and there was an order to exterminate. Would you think that was fair? I didn't think so. Pitts and Pitt mixes are good. Why punish them for humans (yes humans) stupidities. There are not born agressive and dangerous. They are raised that way by cruel and evil people. Shoot them instead. But, it is NOT FAIR and NOT RIGHT to just kill them because of other peope's actions. The Bible teaches forgiveness; well, animals are people too. They have voices and emotions. They hurt like we do and they love like we do. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 2,963: 5:49 pm PDT, Oct 7, Kathy Whitehouse, Colorado
I really like Denver, but will never, ever look for a house there, even though I plan to buy one in the next year. Your ridiculous ban on one of the best dogs out there is insane. The most likely dog to bite a person is a collie. So are you going to ban those, too? Toy dogs bite people every day. Out with the toys! You can't descriminate against a breed. You have to look at the individuals. Pit bulls are some of the friendliest, most loyal dogs out there. And You People are murdering them senselessly. They've done nothing wrong, yet you kill them anyway. If anyone should die, it's the people that have made the fighting ones the way they are. And they can be rehibilitated. If anyone should die, it should be all the Michael Vicks of this world. Euthanize him. Not the poor dogs he tortured and killed because they "weren't up to his standards." No dog or any other animal deserves what your city has done. I hope people are smart enough to not move there and encourage the terrible slaughter that goes on still. 
12:59 pm PDT, Oct 10, Kira Valentine, Colorado  
I would like to say that some of the best dogs I have had have been pit bulls. What will it take for you to realize that it is not the dog - it is the owner. Look at all the other publized and non regarding dog bites! German Sheperds, Chow's, Rotties, Chihuahua's....they all bite - because of the OWNER. I was horrified at your city officials when they came and took my pitbull away. Our neighbor falsified statements regarding my deaf pitbull - whom never barked, never bit, was only the sweetest dog imagineable! Your "officials" came and took him like he was a criminal in front of my then 3 year old daughter. What did you guys just teach her??? I was teaching her that the police were there to protect her and get bad guys.....you just made me a liar!  
#3192  8:20 pm PDT, Oct 14, Name not displayed, Delaware
I have 4 pitbulls living in my house along with my 6 year old daughter and 2 year old niece, but if any of the people on this board were to set foot in my house, they wouldn't have to worry about the dogs attacking them, they would have to worry about ME!!! These people are awful and appearently extremely stupid, kind of reminds me of Hitler, whats next all the Jewish people?
# 3,193: 10:49 pm PDT, Oct 14, Kathleen Camarillo, California 
Our American Pit Bull Terrier is a beloved member of our family. Our 2 year old granddaughter loves him and plays with him every day. He is patient and gentle with her. If we moved to Denver, would he be condemned to death? Breed restrictive policies do not make sense. People who misuse animals should be punished, not the animals. Pit Bulls are part of American history. Many settlers brought PBT's with them from England and Ireland. Petey from the Little Rascals was a Pit. Pits were the most honored Armed Services dogs during WWI. My family will not be traveling to Denver nor buying any product manufactured in Denver, or spend a dime on anything that would benefit the City of Denver until this unjust treatment of Pit Bulls ceases! 
# 3,226: 10:13 pm PDT, Oct 16, Sherrie Hill, Missouri  
Shame on the ignorance of humans! I work with several shelters, here in the St. Louis area, and am very familiar with the wonderful work of Stray Dog Rescue! It was through meeting several of their wonderful Pit Bulls, at an adoption event, that prompted me to step up and help save other dogs from other local shelters! Dogs come into this world, well balanced. We humans screw them up and turn them into something foreign to their nature. 99.9% of dogs can be rehabilitated. Can you say the same for humans? Shame on you, Denver! 
# 3,247: 7:24 pm PDT, Oct 17, Alexandra Quijano, Illinois
I thought Denver was a city where people cared about life- Pit bulls or any other dog for that matter, have no say in their ownership. Please consider passing laws that go after irresponsible owners rather than after the animal who is basically conditioned to fight for survival or simply to please his master. Unfortunately, these owners are driven by greed most of the time, not to mention plain evil- Feeding any one being, shards of glass and hot peppers to make someone better at anything, will without a doubt, turn even the kindest person or animal into an aggession-filled individual. Unbelievably, this is what some of these thug owners do in order to make these dogs better attack dogs- Banning a breed is not solving a thing, because evil reproduces if not stopped at the core, and there will soon be another breed to replace the former. Please revoke this law in the name of compassion and good will-Get to know the breed and get involved with organizations that specialize in training these dogs for the good of society- i.e. therapy, rescue, etc..so that you have a better understanding as to how these amazing dogs really are. After you meet a few, you will find out that passing this law is truly a big mistake and that with this law you have passed, you have also let the culprit get away with murder twice. 
8:09 am PDT, Oct 19, Lori Stewart-Price, Ohio 
As someone who has been a dog advocate and rescuer for over 16 years, I've worked with thousands and thousands of dogs. The Am Staff, Staffie and APBT have become by far my favorite breeds. Anyone who feels that these breeds are inherently dangerous - or who believes BSL is going to change anything for the better - is living in a world of denial and ignorance. In Denver, they choose to punish the victim of the crime rather than the perpetrator.
Any city or state that chooses to enact laws that do this is off my list of places to visit and shop. (Internet businesses included.) These comments are endorsed by Liberty & Justice, Hypnotic, and Mr Jones, aka "Pit Bulls for Peace."   
# 3,327: 5:24 am PDT, Oct 22, Rebecca Fruits, Missouri  
My husband and I always thought Denver would be a beautiful place to visit and possibly move to within the next few years. After reading about Forrest and how your city is terrorizing dog owners we will not be visiting and have now marked Denver off of our places to possibly live. We have two loving Pit Bulls in our home who are fantastic dogs and love everyone they meet. I would be so ashamed to call Denver my home or even spend my money there on vacation! 
# 3,318: 8:55 pm PDT, Oct 21, Heather DeMaris, Nevada 
Pit bulls are not the problem-- owners are. How a "progressive" city like Denver can fall into the trap of "blame the pits" is beyond comprehension. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Ironically enough, one of my best friends is moving to Denver. I was looking forward to visiting him there. Unfortunately for Denver, he'll just have to come and spend his money in Vegas and support OUR economy, while getting to know our wonderful American Bulldogs (per the ban, you'd take them away and put them down). At least my home economy will be benefited. 
# 3,392: 8:33 pm PDT, Oct 27, Julian Perez, Connecticut  
I am a Hartford firefighter who has had a pit bull at home as well as in my firehouse. These dogs are the most loyal, loving and beautiful of all breeds. Maybe if you people in Denver were as hard working and forgiving as these dogs you would understand that what you have done is pure genocide. I feel sick, hearing what you people have done.   
1:42 pm PST, Nov 4, JoLynn Elkins, Texas
My husband and I have been planning a Colorado vacation for this next year. We will NOT be including Denver in our plans. While I am not a Pit Bull owner, I have always liked the breed. As a child I was attacked by a German Shepherd, a Golden Lab and a terrier. But my friend's Pit Bull was a fun play mate. In the mountains of northern California my cousin and her daughters were kept safe from bears by their two pits. 
# 3,955: 9:44 pm PST, Nov 23, Adaline Wyer, California  Denver, Maybe you could better spend your time and money on prosecuting bad pet owners or real criminals. I would seem that time spent on eliminating rape or spousal abuse and murders that we could then have a safer world to live in. Punishing innocent animals and good pet owners seems counter productive. I will never set foot in your state and nor will any of my friends.  
# 3,978: 4:18 pm PST, Nov 24, Jeannie Blaha, Minnesota
Dear Denver,
My partner is from Arvada, near Denver, & we want you to know that we will not return to visit his family, nor stay in Denver for any length of time unless this ban is lifted. You obviously need to do more research regarding your reasoning. It is a well known fact that there is no such thing as a vicious or violent breed--only humans that raise their animals to be vicious and violent. Go after the dog owners who are inclined to treat animals in this way, rather than painting a big brush over an entire breed that happens to be in the spotlight for such behavior. Having worked with dogs for more than 30 years, I have seen what abuse by humans triggers. I have also seen that the humans seem to need to declare a different breed as "dangerous" every 10 years or so--Remember, in the 70's, it was the German Shepard, the 80's, the Doberman, the 90's, the Rottweiler, and now, the Pitbull. Please realize or at least consider the idea that Violent People raise Violent Dogs...Same thing happens with kids--but we don't declare a ban on children! Children that are abused often become perpetrators on their classmates, etc...But they aren't given the death sentence! Imagine if--- because gang members at this moment in time in certain areas tend to be of one ethnicity or another --certain ethnicity's were "banned" from your state or another? How ridiculous does that sound? Just as ridiculous as putting dogs to death because they happen to be of a breed you've decided are "dangerous"! We had even been thinking of moving to Colorado; however, this is not an option, due to your ban. One of our 3 dogs is a loyal, gentle Staffordshire Terrier & we would not feel safe in your city with your ban threat hanging always over our lives. I do hope you consider lifting the ban & directing your efforts, instead, to addressing the real issue--which is for the humans that raise their animals in cruelty, thus creating defensive dogs that go into survival mode---just as any child does in such an environment. What happened to the "humane" part of "humanity" in our connecting as a world? Or is Denver in a disconnected mindset and focus? If you would like to see your city grow & thrive, I highly suggest you let go of such archaic mindsets as deciding that one species or another doesn't deserve to live and evolve in your city!
Sincerely, Jeannie M. Blaha & BJ Bronstad Minneapolis, MN
This breed has a purpose, as a good and loving guard dog. Until the "gangsta" tough image is destroyed, there will be fighting dogs. Destroy the propagation of the image, not innocent family dogs. 
# 4,457: 8:53 am PST, Dec 1, John Taft, Pennsylvania  This is what Denver's breed ban has accomplished. From www.MariahsPromise.com. A total of 43 dogs were brought to us as temporary custodians until families could move out of Denver and come back for their dogs. People were frantic and we tried to help as many as we could. One guy, Rick, still stands out in my mind. He brought his dog Crook to us. He hugged his dog while sobbing a goodbye and left with tears in his eyes. That scene and so many others like it broke our hearts! Crook (we later named him Cookie) was just as heartbroken and confused after having been ripped from his family home. Cookie’s new home was a 10'x10', 6-ft high kennel. Cookie never saw his family again.
Now it is my turn to promise. I promise that I will actively work to ensure that the people responsible for this debacle do not make it through the next election. I promise that I will continue to work towards the end of BSL everywhere. I promise to never ever spend a dime in Denver ever again. Please if you can visit www.MariahsPromise.com donate time and money to this very worthwhile project. Mariahs Promise is just a single family trying to help the dogs of Denver's slaughter mill.. Please help them if you can. 
# 4,803: 8:47 pm PST, Dec 19, M. Andrew Whiteman, Missouri
I was thinking of moving back to the Denver metro area, but sec 8-55 muni code made up my mind. If my dog is not welcome, then I am not welcome. I purchased a home in Alamogordo, NM which has NO BSL. Animal Control in Alamogordo informed me that they adopt out Pit Bulls. Mr Lord High Mayor, you lost all the money I would spend in your ignorant, biggoted city. The Broker and your many fine restaurants have lost my business. 
# 4,818:
3:42 pm PST, Dec 21, Michelle Troiano, New York
Hello Denver and Mayor John Hickenlooper, I own a Very loving Pit Bull, his name is hercules and he is the true meaning of the 'NANNY DOG" my family loves him, he loves us. he is smart,helpful,funny and a comic as well. he loves every one who comes to the house and looks forward to walks and the dog park. he was a rescue from an abusive home and has been in my home for four years now and he is the best gift that anyone could have have ever given to us. he is not mean and I would fight for him if anyone told me that because of his breed he had to be "killed" . I live in America and the last I read and saw HITLER was DEAD! And you all of you reading this know what I mean.
# 4,825: 4:16 pm PST, Dec 22, Kelsie Games, Colorado
Pit bulls are family dogs if you do your research. I've fostered over 50 pit bulls and all of them wouldn't hurt a fly, submissive, and great with people and children! I currently own two, and they are very great and wonderful loyal dogs. My father has 2 black labs, and they beat my poor pit bulls up! They are actually way more agressive then my pit bulls. Any breed can bite and draw blood, but of all the pits i've seen, they've been total sweethearts and nicer then most other breeds that are considered nice. They just have a bad name because of stupid owners who fight them. They feed them gun powder and if you feed any dog that, they'd go crazy. It's really the owners falt. BAN STUPID PEOPLE NOT DOGS! I think that if the ban does not drop, you should at least let people drive through denver with them without being pulled over. That's insane! I can't even go visit my family in Denver with my dogs because of the ban. PLEASE DROP THE BAN, think of all the poor pitties out there who are not agressive and don't deserve to die and be punished. It's kind of like back when blacks were ban, you are being racist in a way. Thank You  
# 4,836: 6:26 am PST, Dec 24, Wade Wilson, New Jersey
My wife and are I actually in the process of relocating to Denver...after hearing about this trajesty towards Chris and his dog we are now second guessing our move. We would never want to live in a town where the people that run it are so ignorant that something like this could happen. I wouldn't be surprised if Denver lawmakers actually try to legalize slavery again. It's a shame that some people are evolving backwards, and taking beautiful cities down with them. Darwin would roll over in his grave!
The folowing 2 posts have been a new response posted to the following discussion on Change.org:
Idea for Change in America: Ban Breed Specific Legislation
Our Pit Bull and our Boxer were taken out of our locked truck by DPD and Animal Control while visiting friends in Denver. We were forced to spend the night and attempt to retrieve our dogs the following day. We were told that: 1- If we could not prove that we did not reside in Denver, our dogs would be killed. 2- if we ever returned to Denver with these dogs, they would be killed. 3- we could not even pass thru Denver without stopping without a permit to transport our dogs. If we got caught, the dogs would be killed.
The Animal Control officer did not have an answer as to why the Boxer was taken along with the PBT, nor did he care. We paid a hefty fine and both dogs got Kennel Cough. The Boxer began to have seizures, and we are sure the dogs were Maced. he died a few months later after a seizure.
To me, the actions on the Denver officials constitute robbery, kidnapping, extortion and destruction of property. These Nazi tactics are common, ignoring both Human and animal rights.
Ban BSL and the Nazi tactics of those who support and enforce it!

Posted by James Wear on 01/06/2009 @ 02:54PM PST 

Allie LeMaster

Please vote for this if you haven't. All the dogs being targeted by this law needs you to help them.  This law does nothing to help protect the people living in the cities. It has been proven that peole that make these dogs vicious only switch to another breed. Please vote for this.

Posted by Allie LeMaster on 01/06/2009 @ 03:43PM PST

                                    5149 signatures as of 01/22/2009!  
The follwoing was submitted directly to me:  MONTANA PITBULLDOGS NO BAN...
Jan 1, 2010
fetching data...
Pitbulldogs can never be banned heres why......
good luck
Submittal Date - 1/1/2010
Submittal Time - 1:36:58 PM

Court revives challenge of Denver pit bull ban

Associated Press - May 27, 2009 6:44 PM ET

DENVER (AP) - Opponents of Denver's ban on pit bulls have won another chance to challenge the law in court.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday revived a lawsuit filed by three former Denver residents who moved out the city to avoid having their dogs euthanized.

A federal judge dismissed their lawsuit in March 2008.

A three-judge panel of the 10th Circuit said the residents could proceed on their claim that
Denver's breed-specific prohibition is irrational.

Denver banned pit bulls in 1989 after dogs mauled a minister and killed a boy in separate attacks. The city began enforcing the law in May 2005 after years of legal challenges.



                                                                       Pit Bull Terrier Bumper Magnet 

Boycott Denver and Aurora, Colorado until they remove their BSL (Breed Specific Leglislation). Please don't visit, travel through, move to, start a business, or move a business to Denver or Aurora, Colorado.  If you or you dog "has the physical characteristics of a Pit Bull" stay away from this area!  Please read below:

Exactly 72 hours ago our Send No Dollars to Denver Boycott Petition hit #990 signatures.  Here is #990 from Florida:
"A blanket ban on particular breeds does not increase citizen safety, but support of dog training, dog selection, and humane methods of dog raising does increase human safety. Laws against a particular breed and aggressive pursuit of owners of lost dogs makes it appear that Denver is run by bureaucrats brimming over with righteous indignation rather than with human beings alive with wisdom. Where are all the wise, balanced folks that inhabit this city?"
Our Denver Boycott is breaking  petition signing speed limits! By the time you read this there will more than 1,000 anti-Denver supporters.  Outraged dog owners from around the country and our global allies have vowed to cancel upcoming vacation plans, conference meetings, and avoid traveling through Denver when visiting Colorado. Some have even promised to stay out of the state of Colorado! 
Furthermore, locals are taking their day to day business out of Denver vowing not to buy gas, food or any service that can obtained in a nearby city.
You can do more by sharing our petition with businesses in Denver--just send them this link. 
Business owners will appreciate the heads up!
Denver Cannot Afford Another Forrest Screw Up!
Man Fights To Save Pit Bull, Denver Changes Policy Reporting

Shaun Boyd DENVER (AP)  Animal lovers around the world rallied for the release of a pit bull from Commerce City. Now Forrest is free thanks to their efforts and his owner's fight sparked a change in city policy.

"A lot of people don't think dogs are like kids but this is my son," Chris McGahey said.

Forrest is a 2-year-old pooch McGahey raised from a pup. His only fault is he loves to run, according to McGahey. Last month Forrest escaped from their home in Commerce City and was picked up by animal control in Denver where officers decided he looked like a pit bull -- a breed banned there. They decided Forrest would be euthanized.

"It hurts. It hurts real bad especially when I'm innocent," McGahey said. "I didn't live in Denver."

Doug Kelley, Director of Animal Control, says it's the second time Forrest ended up in Denver.

"I fought as hard as I could," McGahey said. "I've been here every day and brought him treats and showed these people I love my boy."

McGahey's fight to save Forrest's life would take on a life of its own. Animal lovers from around the world took up the cause and even the Mayor's Office got involved negotiating a compromise. Forrest will live, but in another state. A shelter in Missouri agreed to find him a new home.

"What came out we think is a win/win for everybody," Kelley said.

"I hope just one day this ban will be dropped and they won't be able to discriminate against one kind of breed. It's not right," McGahey said.

Under its new policy, Denver Animal Control says all non-violent pit bulls, like Forrest, will be candidates for placement at an out-of-state shelter.
Forrest, the dog you fought so hard for to get off death row in Denver, is in now en route to California! On his way to a new home which will include a short reunion on Sunday with the family that raised and loved him from a pup -- the McGaheys. Yep, one of our very own Rovers moved quick as lightening to submit adoption papers before Forrest was even shipped off to St Louis, MO.

Forrest will be spoiled (again)  with good food, sleeping in human beds, and running free in dog parks.

Subject: BSL Lawsuit Against Aurora Colorado



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