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  San Diego  

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1 san_diego_on_a_dime1.png 

 ph san_diego_icon_061402.jpg Please click on icon to link to San Diego Travelers and Tourism Bureau.

ph san diego zoo logo 102502.jpg  <Please click on icon to link to San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park

ph pier restaurant 20060629.jpg  <Pier Cafe, where we has our 1st lunch at Seaport Village 1984. Really good sour-dough bread!   This restaurant is built over the water.

ph coronado island from pier cafe1.png    ph pier cafe and coronado bay bridge.png

             Tuna pier and Coronado Island from Pier Cafe                                   Pier Cafe and Coronado Bay Bridge


ph pier restraunt seaport village.jpg   Newer phtro of Pier Cafe Seaport Village, San Diego, CA where we had our first lunch in SD

Christmas Eve in San Diego

We called Carlsbad, CA home from 1984-1992. "We've just begun."

ph 1065 magnolia.jpg We lived on Magnolia Ave and Robin pointed out that there were no magnolias on Magnolia Ave, so we planted a magnolia.  Robin commented that we would never see out magnolia in bloom when we moved in 1992 but it was in bloom in June of 1998 when I returned.

                  ph our magnolia 062000.jpg                         ph oceanside pier at sunset and low tide.jpg         

The Magnolia (tree closeup) when I finally saw it in bloom June 21, 1998.              Oceanside Pier at sunset and low tide.

ph robin with red mustang heart1.png  < Robin's 1st Mustang "Heart."  Traded in for "Blue."  I saw this car parked on PCH in front of a surf shop when I was in Carlsbad in 1998.

ph robin's mustang blue.png <Robin's Mustang "Blue."  Blue was totaled in KCMO.  Robin sold it for salvage and I believe I saw it at an apartment complex in Raytown, MO & Marina Grog and Galley in Lake Lotawana, MO.  Per Car Fax it was titled as a salvage vehicle/

ph andy's mustang crystal.png <Andy's Mustang "Crystal."  Trade in for a Suzuki Sidekick in Albuquerque.  The name "Crystal" came from the color: Crystal Blue.  (Obviously we couldn't have 2 cars with the same name.

ph sd sunset.jpg   ph pt loma lghthse full.jpg  ph ptloma smsq.jpg

          Sunset from our Carlsbad Home                            Old Point Loma Lighthouse                             Old Point Loma Lighthouse

ph new pt loma lighthouse.jpg    ph point loma lighthouse.jpg         ph star of india.jpg

          New Point Loma Lighthouse                           Old Point Loma Lighthouse from the rear                    Star of India

ph sd laguna mountains 20060316.jpg

                       Laguna Mountains with snow from San Diego Bay 3/16/2006 courtesy of  our friend "Maggs"

ph balboa_park_bloom 200604191.jpg   ph balboa bark12 20050700.jpg

                Balboa Park                                                              Balboa Park: A spot we enjoyed

ph balboa park looking west.jpg   <More Balboa Patrk

ph sd fire 20031031.jpg

  San Diego Fire 10/2003 on the Laguna Mountains

                                                          ph house over cliffv2 0600.jpg

Robin and I walked many time up and down a stairway next to this house leading from Pacific Street to Robert's Cottages on the beach.  Robin remarked numerous times, "This house is going to fall down."  This photo was taken when I went back there in June of 2000.  The house had been condemed as UNSAFE.  When I went back in June 2005, a multifamily dwelling was located where the house had been.


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